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AIP is leading key reporting & analytics workstreams as part of Knight Vision at UCF. These activities will shape the future of how UCF will govern its data and reporting environments to bring forth highly available data and robust reporting and analytics.

Analytics Center For Excellence

Enterprise Analytics and Reporting

Lead: Linda Sullivan (

Strategic Alignment:

  • Provide comprehensive university reporting strategy 
  • Develop and lead “One University” culture for data informed decision-making through a rich end-to-end reporting 
  • Provide education in data/analytics and appropriate use of tools to create accurate, insightful, and actionable information 
  • Share analytics development, design, and delivery expertise including support for reporting/analytics projects and maintenance 
  • Ensure analytics project requests, requirements, and resources – human, data, and technical – are aligned with University strategic objectives from the top down. 

Data Governance

Data Governance

Lead: Esther Wilkinson (

Strategic Alignment:

  • Address existing issues caused by lack of formal data governance strategy
  • Define and deliver data that supports all activities of the university, performance metrics, and national initiatives
  • Implement modern data governance software solutions to drive the data governance program 
  • Develop a foundation for data security & privacy regulations, and ethical data usage 

Reporting Strategy

Data, Analytics, and Reporting Ecosystem (DARE) 

Lead: Andre Watts (

Strategic Alignment: 

  • Implement a cloud based modern data and reporting platform that allows for consistent use of critical data and KPIs across the university more efficiently and with greater speed 
  • Provide of a unified, consistent, scalable data architecture and reporting platform for wide scaled university usage. 
  • Expand usage of analytics by the university community to allow for richer and more impactful insights meeting a broad range of business needs.