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“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Exponential growth in the collection of student data through technology is occurring in higher education world-wide. Concern over the ethical use of this information is being discussed nationally by educational institutions and in professional organizations. It is critical that collected data be accurately understood and always used in an ethical, transparent manner to positively impact students. It is imperative that the student information being collected and how it is being used are clearly communicated to faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, care should also be taken when this data is shared with external parties who provide services to the institution.

UCF recognizes that proper ethical use and transparency of the student data it collects and utilizes for operations, research, and scholarship must be cultivated and sustained as an inherent part of the institutional culture. In order to realize this goal, the Student Data and Analytics Ethics Workgroup was convened during the Summer of 2018 and tasked with:

  • developing guiding principles for the ethical use of student data and analytics, to educate and promote among the university community the transparent and ethical use of student data and information throughout the institution
  • identifying and developing best practice guidelines on student data usage and ethical responsibilities for the many levels of users and data stewards at UCF.

In order to realize these goals, a diverse group of members from across the institution was convened. A key aspect of the workgroup thus far has been working with the colleges and numerous departments to understand the many areas and needs where the ethical use of data can and should apply.

Group Members

Name Title
Linda Sullivan (Chair) Assistant VP, IKM and SUS Institutional Data Administrator
Jonathan Beever Assistant Professor, Ethics and Digital Culture
Jacob Bonne Director, Office of Student Success
Melody Bowdon Executive Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
Tom Cavanagh Vice Provost for Digital Learning
Delia Garcia Director, Academic Advising (College of Arts and Humanities)
Ryan Goodwin Director, Center for Higher Education Innovation
Carla Markx Compliance Analyst
Patsy Moskal Associate Director, RITE
Jennifer Neal-Jimenez Associate Director, Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Morgan O’Donnell Undergraduate Student
Harrison Oonge Assistant Dean, Academic Planning
Delaine Priest Associate VP, Student Success, SDES Vice President
Christina Serra Director, Compliance and Ethics
Michael Sink Associate VP, IT Chief Operating Officer
Andre Watts Interim Director, Institutional Analytics