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What is Data Governance?

The purpose of the UCF’s Data Governance Program is to establish and maintain university-wide data-related standards to ease , widen, and accelerate data use while applying appropriate controls to protect data assets.

Woman holding a tablet with the UCF Facts website pulled up

News and Updates

A New Tool for Data Governance!

February 18, 2022
Data Governance at UCF is implementing a new tool, Informatica AXON and Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), that will be used to assist in the governing of UCF data assets.  The

Data Governance Initiative Targets Location Data Issues, Boosting Quality and Efficiency

May 25, 2023
The Data Governance program has organized its first sub-working group dedicated to resolving data issues. This group comprises members of the data governance council, data stewards, and subject matter experts

Data Governance Website Launched

August 24, 2021
The Knight Vision Reporting and Analytics Workstream team has launched a new Data Governance website as part of the ongoing efforts to manage data at UCF. The purpose of the UCF’s Data Governance program

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