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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to sharing an overview of ongoing initiatives and collaborative efforts aimed at resolving data issues within the data governance framework. Data issues can take various forms, improving data quality in a specific field or report, or a requirement for process changes, new policies, or modifications to the data system. Here, you will find information about various projects and working groups actively involved in addressing data challenges at UCF.

Join us on this journey to drive impactful change and promote data integrity by contacting our team at

IssueDescriptionDate CompletedProject Lead
Cross-Functional LOCATION DataThis project focuses on UCF Location data, encompassing campus addresses, classroom and building location details, worker and student spaces, and other business use locations utilized by UCF. It specifically excludes personal home addresses of workers or students. The primary objective of this project is to identify the sources of location data and establish the official system of record for location information. Furthermore, the project aims to address known data issues related to the quality, integrity, and integration of location data elements across various applications that either use or generate location data. Finally, the end goal is to develop and enhance processes and workflows to ensure the accuracy and consistency of location data throughout the organization.02.20.2024Christy Miranda Perez:
Cross-Functional Location Data Domain
Academic Organization Some Unit IDs in Workday on the Academic Unit hierarchy have a different ID than the correlated college in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, e.g. for College of Business (WD = COB; PS = CBA).  This is causing a mismatch between systems and affects reporting. Project to include,
– Identity all sources of Academic Organization elements
– Identify stakeholders for each data system
– Review workflow process for Academic Organization updates (to make sure the same values are used), inactivations, and Stakeholder communications
– Review Business Glossary
02.20.2024Linda Sullivan: Analytics and Integrated Planning