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Data Classification

Data is a critical asset of the university. It is the policy of the University of Central Florida to classify types of data in use at the university and to provide the appropriate levels of information security and protection.

University Data falls into three classifications: Highly Restricted Data, Restricted Data, and Unrestricted Data. UCF Policy 4-008 further details the classifications and the procedures for how to properly store, handle, and protect University Data.

UCF Policies

Policy NumberNameOwnerEffective Date
4-001.2Retention Requirements for Electronic MailVP for Information Technologies and Resources & CIO3/4/2020
4-007.1Security of Mobile Computing, Data Storage, and Communication DevicesVP for Information Technologies and Resources8/27/2015
4-008.1Data Classification and ProtectionVP for Information Technologies and Resources8/27/2015
4-014Procurement and Use of Cloud Computing and Data Storage ServicesVP & CIO6/3/2015

Data Centric Guiding Principles

  • GP 1 – Data is a university asset 
  • GP 2 – Data supports the university mission and strategy 
  • GP 3 – Data management is administered using best practices 
  • GP 4 – Data is of high quality and integrity 
  • GP 5 – Data is shareable and accessible to authorized users 
  • GP 6 – Data elements have an owner and a steward 
  • GP 7 – Data have common vocabulary and definitions 
  • GP 8 – Data is safeguarded at all times

Have questions or feedback?

We want to hear from the University community about their thoughts and experiences regarding data usage, stewardship, and anything else related to data that interests or affects them.