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Alongside UCF’s transition to Workday to manage the operational business functions of the university, DARE was a Knight Vision project to implement a new cloud enterprise data warehouse and reporting environment. This new environment was architected to sit alongside and work in conjunction with Workday to allow for enhanced reporting, advanced analytics, and deeper data access that is outside the scope of Workday, including: 

  • Third-party data sources that do not reside in Workday 
  • Historical PeopleSoft data that will not be transitioned into Workday 
  • Big data storage manipulation and sophisticated analytics such as machine learning that cannot be performed in Workday. 

Current Enhancements

Development is currently underway for the next set of enhancements to DARE through December 2024.

These enhancements will build out critical data models, redesign reporting, and develop new machine learning models that take advantage of DARE’s capabilities. This phase will also put in place the necessary governance structures to maintain DARE long-term.

dare ph3
Last Updated: November 2023

Core Implementation Timeline 

Phase 2 – Project-Based Data Integrations COMPLETE

Phase 2 integrated system and data sources needed for crucial university initiatives or projects into the DARE warehouse. 

dare phase 2
Last Updated: June 2023

Phase 1 – Initial Implementation COMPLETE

The initial rollout of the system and architecture to support future activities was completed on June 30, 2022.

dare timeline
Last Updated: July 10, 2022

DARE Architecture 

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