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UCF’s long-term vision is to create and maintain a cohesive university-wide reporting environment that optimizes the delivery of reporting and analytics containing both Workday data and the Data, Analytics, and Reporting Ecosystem (DARE).

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Types of Reporting

Operational Reporting
This reporting directly supports the day-to-day needs and can be defined as “ad-hoc,” performed as needed, and can be saved for future use if required. This reporting typically involves data available in real-time or near real-time and can include data from multiple areas. Workday will be the primary source for current day-to-day HR and operational, financial reporting. Trained data analysts can also use the data warehouse (DARE) to access Legacy HR and Finance data along with other university data to perform this reporting as needed.

Management Reporting
These reports focus on delivering critical insights for short-term or long-term strategic planning. This type of reporting requires combining data from different areas and often involves more complex data manipulation and transformation. Reports are delivered via dashboards or other analytics tools. DARE and Workday PRISM will be the primary tools used to gather data for this type of reporting.

Analytical Reporting
These represent the most complex type of analytics reporting involving large multi-faceted datasets and complex analyses that provide insights about future outcomes. These reports apply statistical methodologies and advanced dashboarding techniques to deliver results. The data that drives these reports will come from DARE and other areas where longitudinal data exists.

Reporting Tools

Our primary tools for reporting and analytics are Workday, Workday PRISM, PowerBI, and advanced tools such as R, Python, and Machine Learning within DARE.

  • DARE – Flexible big-data storage with advanced data manipulation functionality (ETL/ELT) to create data that can be used for complex cross-functional/longitudinal reporting, data visualization through PowerBI, and performing advanced statistical analyses using R, Python, or Azure Machine Learning.
  • PowerBI – Powerful data visualization and analytics tool that can linnk multiple data sources, visual data, and do basic machine learning from within.
  • Workday – Can accomplish 60-70% of operational and live HR and Financial reporting needs from within the Workday environment.
  • Workay PRISM – Easy to use tool that blends current Workday data with external data to leverage BI capabilities with Workday’s Report Writer tool.