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A data governance workshop with over 30 participants from various business units at UCF who work primarily with data, agreed that data governance activities won’t succeed without collaboration across units. More than 91%, in a survey conducted after the event, stated they agreed (33%) or strongly agreed (58.3%) that collaboration with other business units including their participation and engagement would be necessary.

The interactive workshop led by Informatica’s customer support, guided participants to identify current pain points with our data, in particular how they may be impacting UCF’s strategic goals. Aligning data governance use cases with the strategic plan is one of the top priorities in building the UCF’s data governance program. Key take-aways from the workshop which will be incorporated into data governance planning were focused on four areas:

  1. Reduce shadow systems and multiple sources of data
  2. Accessibility and timely availability of data
  3. Promoting data literacy to understand the proper uses of the data
  4. Defining and standardizing data elements

Planning is underway for the establishment of the UCF Data Governance Council which will prioritize critical data issues for resolution through data governance.