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The Analytics and Integrated Planning (AIP) division brings expertise in strategic data planning, advanced analysis, reporting, and institutional research to the university, with the explicit purpose of leveraging institutional data and enhancing analytics to enable robust decision-making across the institution.   To that end, Institutional Knowledge Management (IKM) and Institutional Analytics (IA) within AIP, works with the university community centered around four key areas which focus on reporting and aligning analytics activities with institutional goals. 

1. Analytic Capabilities
Assess, coordinate, and evaluate the institutions data analytics culture, strategy, and capabilities for efficient and robust delivery of analyses that meet the strategic needs of the institution.

2. Institutional Performance
Identify, collect, and leverage institutional wide data to generate key quantitative and qualitative metrics that evaluate progression on well-defined goals and key strategic priorities.

3. Planning
Ensure that university financial and capital resources, with respect to analytics and data activities, are strategically aligned with university goals and outcomes.

4. Data Information Management
Ensure that is leveraged and engineered in a robust and efficient manner to support current and future analytic needs that support informed decision-making activities.

Partner Relationships

A key role for AIP is partnering with university colleges, departments, and other areas to coordinate analytic activities and discover insights in support of university goals. These partnerships will also serve to improve UCF’s analysis capabilities and infrastructure in the present and for the future.