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Florida SUS Strategic Planning

The State University System (SUS) of Florida has developed tools that aid in guiding the System’s future.

1) The Board of Governors’ Strategic Plan 2012-2025 is driven by goals and associated metrics that stake out where the SUS is headed.

2) Newly introduced in 2018, the Accountability Plan is a combination of the Annual Accountability Report (yearly tracking on progress toward goals) and the Work Plan (three-year forward-looking projections). The merged document allows for a big picture view of where the SUS is coming from and where it is heading.

These documents assist the Board with strategic planning and with setting short-, mid- and long-term goals. They also enhance the SUS’s commitment to accountability and driving improvements in three primary areas of focus: 1) academic quality, 2) operational efficiency, and 3) return on investment.

UCF Strategic Plan

For more information on UCF’s current strategic planning activities click here.

UCF Accountability

Accountability Plans (started in 2018)

View FL SUS historical Accountability Plans here.

Accountability Reports (ended in 2017)

View FL SUS historical Accountability Reports here.

Work Plans (ended in 2017)

View FL SUS historical Work Plans here.

UCF’s Collective Impact pdf can be downloaded here.