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The Data Governance program has organized its first sub-working group dedicated to resolving data issues. This group comprises members of the data governance council, data stewards, and subject matter experts (SMEs) who are responsible for creating and transforming “Location” data elements, such as addresses, workspaces, and classrooms. The main objective of this project is to define and eliminate inconsistencies in “Location” data. By involving multiple business areas, creating or using “Location” data, this project aims to enhance data quality, streamline processes, and ensure up-to-date information for all data consumers. Defining and standardizing data elements across the campus will promote clarity and understanding for those who use locations for business or educational purposes. Moreover, it will ensure the accuracy of critical reports for decision-makers and accreditation purposes.

The “Location” project is just the beginning of a series of data-related initiatives for the data governance program, led by the council. We are optimistic about the success of the “Location” project in demonstrating the benefits of a robust data governance program.